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By posting an article, you can immediately start a blog. There is no such setting of the time and effort.

Start the hitois

To take advantage of hitois requires Google account.

It is started by simply posting an article

blog page

Set of cumbersome title and introduction statement is not needed. By posting an article, blog is created in your own site. Design has uniformity with other pages, it has full support also to smartphones.

Article post is simple, you can post in the sense such as Word. You can divide the article into categories by creating a category as you like yourself. You can also classify the one article to multiple categories.

RSS feeds also no need setting. When you post an article, RSS feed delivery will begin.

Blog is a central feature of hitois. Those who now start a blog, please use the blog of hitois.

hitois is a service that creates your personal public portal site.

Blog is one content of your portal site. Your fans may also be interested in your normal life situation. For your fans who want to know a variety of things, your portal site can provide you with various information.

A person who does not know you yet may find your portal site and browse your blog. They notice your appeal there and may encounter your various aspects through the portal site.

By having your own portal site, fans of the future who do not know you will become the catalyst to know you.

Have you already used blogs with other services etc.? Notice will be posted on your portal site that you posted a blog post to other services. Activities in external services are also reflected in your portal site.

The portal site aggregates activities you do on various services and sites. It gathers your dispersed value in one.

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