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The hitois has the ability to advertise your book.
Due to the spread of e-books, the barrier to publishing a book has become low.

Most of the book is buried in a large amount of books, never to see the light of day. Or even your book, not buried in a large amount of books?

Now it is common sense to promote the book.
However, simply do should work just fine to create one page a page to advertise the book?

Now that a large amount of books around out, author of and information of the book, such as writing privacy, information relating to books has a large impact on the number of subscription books.

First, ask them know that you are the author. Ask them also know that the writing process of the book. That way, a lot of people will keep you have a favorable impression in your book.

In hitois, not only the book of propaganda, Blog and announcements bulletin board, by a combination of such as Project function, we are able to get to know more about you and your book.

First of all, let's increase the fan of you and your book.

hitois is a service that creates your personal public portal site.

The book is treated as one content of the portal site. Your fans may be interested not only in books but also in the way you live your life. For your fans who want to know a variety of things, your portal site can provide you with various information.

A person who does not know you yet may find your portal site and purchase your books. They notice your appeal there and may encounter your various aspects through the portal site.

By having your own portal site, fans of the future who do not know you will become the catalyst to know you.

Have you already posted your novel on "Become a novelist"? Notice on your portal site that you posted a novel to "Become a novelist" will be posted. Activities in external services are also reflected in your portal site.

The portal site aggregates activities you do on various services and sites. It gathers your dispersed value in one.

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