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In hitois, you can launch easily the community of various genres.

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You can launch the community easily in hitois.
You can invite people to the community, you can feel free to communicate with people who have gathered.

Comments function, introduction pages of other sites, paste videos function, etc., it will enliven the conversation in a variety of functions.

If you post topics and comments, since receipt of the notification to the user that are participating in the community, users can immediately add a comment.

Topics are in the easy-to-read two-column format, you can know immediately hot topics now.

To communicate among themselves congenial, or is also possible encounters with people who do not know at all.

hitois is a service that creates your personal public portal site.

Community pages are created outside your personal portal site, but topics and comments are posted on your portal site.

Activities in the community may interest you if you are a member of the community or who is interested in the community. They think that they would like to know more about you and it might become a fan.

The community and your portal site are connected at any time. If you join the exciting community, a lot of people will know your portal site and some people who are interested in you will also appear.

Always please let your portal site overflow with information. People who are interested in you will increasingly like you and will always follow you.

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