Interact easily with your fans

In hitois, your fan can send fan letter to you easily.

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To take advantage of hitois requires Google account.

Send easily fan letter without logging in


On your site in hitois, there is easy function to send the fan letter to you.
From anywhere on your site, you can send a login unnecessary a fan letter.

Fan letter will not be first published, but when you reply it, it will be published in the fan letter page. Since your fan can read the reply public page, you can Interact with fan easily.

In addition, since the fan letter is not to be published if you do not reply it, you do not need to worry about mischief by ignoring it.

Fan letter is integrated with hitois message function, you can easily manage. When the fan letter has been sent, you will be notified by e-mail, so it is treated as unread message in the message function, you do not have to miss it.

Same as message function, just reply to fan letter, fan letter and reply will be published in fan letters page.

hitois is a service that creates your personal public portal site.

If your portal site becomes wonderful, people may be fans. With hitois you can send a fan letter to you even if you are not a hitois user.

The fan letter becomes part of the contents of your portal site. The returned fan letter will be released as part of the portal site.

The portal site will post not only your activities but also your fans' activities. The portal site will be part of you.

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