Create a group site and send information

In hitois, user is gathered, you can create a group site.

Start the hitois

To take advantage of hitois requires Google account.

Collect the information of the fellow to one site

group page

hitois group is a blog portal that aggregates the latest blog posts of users who are participating.

In addition, the group, announcements and the group an overview of the group, such as a user of information that are participating in the group, will gather a variety of information of fellow.

It is also possible to add a page to the group, you can make up a single site in fellow.

Because user management is simple, it is suitable to make the corporate site and circle site. Those who think to make organization site in the future , please try hitois group by all means.

hitois is a service that creates your personal public portal site.

The group function is a portal site that further organizes individual portal sites. By creating a group with friends and other colleagues, you can build a site to organize your friends' blogs.

Because group pages interlink with your portal site, people who know your portal site may be interested in and access the group.

Because you can join multiple groups, your portal site will be a portal to group sites.

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