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In hitois, there is a community brainstorm to your public idea.

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Your ideas might change the world

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hitois has the ability to post your idea. Your idea is sent to the world. various people will give opinions to your ideas.

People will point out a little more improvement point or a little more emphasis point and so on. It might also come out ideas for the idea to form. It might appear people who help you with ideas together.

Idea Mall takes the form of community. Various people would give you an opinion. If the translation is posted, you can exchange views in a wider world.

One idea might allowed you to stand in the limelight of the world. Even in trivial idea, it can sometimes be a big idea ridiculously during the communication. Your ideas might change the world.

hitois is a service that creates your personal public portal site.

Your idea is the content of your personal portal site. The idea page itself is created outside the portal site, but topics and comments are the contents of your portal site.

People who visit your portal site may notice your exceptional idea and may be interested in you. They might want to know more about you.

If that portal site has a record of your various attributes and activities, people visiting the portal site may become your fans.

People who become your fans will follow you and they will want to know your activities at any time quickly.

In hitois, information can be delivered in various ways so that it can respond to the demand of such fans.

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