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In hitois, it will be able to be delivered towards the music that you have made to the world.

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To take advantage of hitois requires Google account.

You get to listen to more people your songs


Don't you want to be listen to a song you made to a lot of people?
In hitois, there is a mechanism in order to get to listen to your songs to more people.

In hitois, your music is posted in the form of albums, the album will be able to upload multiple songs in the MP3 files.

Just click the play button to play a song. Streaming delivery will start immediately. It is also possible to play a song by album.

Also it has corresponding with delivery by Podcast, your fans will be able quickly to listen to your songs.

Because you can be received reviews for the album and reviews for the song, you can be more sophisticated your songs.

Since the concert announcements can also be posted on the page of the music, you can tell a lot of people the concert information.

We've prepared a sample page, please refer to.
Sample Page

hitois is a service that creates your personal public portal site.

Music is treated as one content of the portal site. Your fans may be interested not only in music, but also in your normal life. For your fans who want to know a variety of you, your portal site can provide them with various information.

A person who does not know you yet may find your portal site and listen to your music. You notice your appeal there and may encounter your various aspects through the portal site.

By having your own portal site, fans of the future who do not know will become the catalyst to know you.

Have you already posted your songs to Mixcloud? Notice will be posted on your portal site that you posted songs to Mixcloud. Activities in external services are also reflected in your portal site.

The portal site aggregates activities you do on various services and sites. It gathers your dispersed value in one.

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