Distribute the news on your bulletin board

In hitois, by building your own bulletin board, you can deliver such notice.

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Your own announcement bulletin board

news board page

You can easily set up your news page in your own site. This is a bulletin board format, but since it is your own bulletin board, so only you can post topics.

The latest announcement is always posted on the top page of your site, people can also access the past announcements.

Upload images, embed video, and post links related page, you can post a variety of announcements.

Notice is immediately notified to the people who follow you, they are possible to get to browse immediately.

Bulletin board has also a comment function, you can also start the discussion from the announcement.

hitois is a service that creates your personal public portal site.

The bulletin board is one content of your portal site. A person who knows your announcement may be interested in yourself. For your fans who want to know a variety of things, your portal site can provide you with various information.

A person who does not know you yet may know you by looking at the news story. They notice your appeal there and may encounter your various aspects through the portal site.

By having your own portal site, fans of the future who do not know you will become the catalyst to know you.

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