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In hitois, you can represent your properties in a variety of profiles.

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You can post a variety of profile information to hitois. From the basic information such as name, testimonials, motto, autobiography, preferences, hobbies, specialized field, to detailed information, such as career, you can easily register.

Of course, you do not need to publish all of the personal information. profile information of hitois, all items have been any registration. Information that you do not want to publish only good if it is not registered.

hitois does not have stuck to real name. It does not matter even a nickname, you can do that you may not register real name and the nickname. In this case, the domain of your site is be name.

By using the profile API, a profile that was registered to hitois, you can easily posted the same profile to your other sites. you can centrally manage profile in hitois.
The Profile API can be easily used simply by copying and pasting JavaScript code displayed on the user API page.

In addition, you can also create a profile for crowdsourcing. For those who want to order the work in the cloud sourcing, it is the perfect feature.

We've prepared a sample page, please refer to.
Sample Page

hitois is a service that creates your personal public portal site.

Profile is the core information of personal portal site. People who know your own activities and have access to your portal site are also interested in your profile. Publishing a solid profile first is a shortcut to the success of the portal site.

Also, some people are interested in your profile and visit your portal site. It will also be an opportunity to learn about your work posted on that portal site and activities in other services.

The fact that your personal profile information is packed in your own portal site plays a very important role to increase your fans.

Also, the profile will also serve to find your work. People may agree with your activities, see your profile, and want to work with you. A person asking for work may appear.

By having a rich profile, we can trust you and have your value appreciated.

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