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In hitois, you can make sites such as wiki and you can make a joint sites with peers.

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You can make easy any number of specific genre sites

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In hitois, by the project function, you can make sites of specific genre in your own site or in a shared space in the fellow.

It is possible to add a top page and add hierarchy pages, and it is feeling as if making a single site. It is also easy.

For example, if you want to make a variety of genres of affiliate site, you can create a site for each genre.

In addition, such as soccer teams and baseball teams, you can also make up a joint site in the fellow.

Because it is a specific genre of site, it is easy to hit in search engines such as Google, it is a strong tool to become famous.

hitois is a service that creates your personal public portal site.

Project sites can also be created within your portal site. Your portal site will be the entrance to the project site.

Project sites can be created with a specific genre, so it will be easier to hit searches etc. People coming from the search service may be interested in you, knowing your portal site.

Do you have lots of good fields? By creating project sites for each specialty you can increase the number of people coming from the search.

And if the content of your portal site is substantial, the people who came may become your fans.

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