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As long as you log in, it is possible to tweet from any page of your site.

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You can easily tweet that you are now doing and day-to-day of little concern. If you log in to hitois and open your site, you can tweet from anywhere in your page.

It is possible to attach an image to tweet, it is available as a simple mini-blog. In that there is no limit the number of characters, longer tweet is also possible.

You can also of course be get a comment. From little tweet, you may want to develop into a large communications.

If you even think you want to post an article, it is a very useful feature when that little of writing an article about blogs cumbersome.

hitois is a service that creates your personal public portal site.

Recent reports are one content of your portal site. Your fans may also be interested in your normal life situation. For your fans who want to know a variety of things, your portal site can provide you with various information.

A person who does not know you yet may find your portal site and view your current situation. They notice your appeal there and may encounter your various aspects through the portal site.

By having your own portal site, fans of the future who do not know you will become the catalyst to know you.

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