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You can be automatically posted external blog post on your site of hitois.

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To take advantage of hitois requires Google account.

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blog page

If you already have a blog outside of the service of hitois, only register the blog top page URL and register the description of the blog to hitois, hitois will post the introductory text of the most recent article in the blog.

hitois will automatically get the registered blog RSS feed, automatically posts the introductory text of the blog post. there is no need for hard work to register the blog RSS feed.

In addition, not only blog, you can also register of the plurality of external sites. For sites that do not deliver the RSS feed, it will post only descriptive text and link to the site.

It can be used as links to multiple sites that you have.

hitois is a service that creates your personal public portal site.

The website function has a big role in your portal site. It is an entrance to your site or service scattered on the Web, that is, it has a role as a portal.

We make it possible to cooperate with sites and services registered in the website function as much as possible. When content is posted by other services, it is displayed not only in the website list but also in the activity list and timeline.

Also, when posting to a cooperative site, hitois will also send that notification to Twitter and Facebook.

The website function is exactly the central function as a portal site.

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