About hitois

hitois is a self-branding service to brand yourself.
It has set a goal to make an impression of your worth to the world by publish your hobby, activities and the taste of you.
Content created in hitois will all be published. If you don't want to publish information, you can avoid registration.
Google account (Email address) will not be published.

In hitois, you can publish detailed profile information. Moreover, the function of posting the translation to hitois is provided, and it is possible to post translating your and other users' registered information.

In hitois, conversation of community and bulletin board also will be all published. Your opinion will be originated in the world.

hitois has the following features and functions.

Your own domain
Profile and registered with the bulletin board will be published on the site will be accessed by the URL of your own.
ex) https://example.hitois.net
View Activity
Your activity as remarks in the bulletin board and the community will be listed in your site. Also, your friends and favorite people activities will be listed in your site, so you can see your friends activities without going to friends site.
Name, nickname, education, career, and information preferences and favorites, you can create detailed profiles. hitois not stick to real names. You can do that do not register your name and nickname. In hitois, you can identify individuals by the domain.
Contact information can be registered. You can register the information in your home or office. In addition, you can publish the email address, or set up the mail form to receive e-mail without exposing your email address. you can set up the hitois message form to receive message from only hitois user.
It is possible without such troublesome setting, start a blog immediately.
More Information -> Blog
Recent state
What you are doing now, you can update on easily. Stored recent states will also be the life of your log.
Support on Twitter
This is a service that the registration pages will be spread using Twitter by people. I want to spread my page in the SNS, but I still not have much followers, so I want you to spread my page to many people.
Proud Possessions
Introduce personal belongings that you want to brag to people with a photo.You can also get comments from people.Let's sort of proud of a lot of pictures.
Boast stylish
You will show your fashionable pictures you want to brag to people. You can also get comments from people.Let's sort of proud of a lot of pictures.
Group efforts
Your friends, family, relatives and colleagues can post group efforts on your site.
News bulletin board
You can set up a bulletin board on your site. It's your board, so only you can post a new topic. Of course, other hitois users can post comments on your bulletin board.
Advertising of applications
You can create a page to promote your own applications. It is also possible for other users to post a review advertising page.
More Information -> Advertising of applications
Advertising books
You can create a page to promote your book. It is also possible for other users to post a review advertising page.
More Information -> Advertising books
Short Stories
You can post a short story of 1000 characters.                     You can post reviews, or add a translation to the novel.
More Information -> Short Stories
You can build a site that is composed portrait photos up to 10.
You can register a gallery to showcase your work. Gallery allows you to register multiple, depending on the type.
More Information -> Gallery
Music distribution
You can post information about the music activity. Also, you can upload the MP3 files and deliver them.
More Information -> Music distribution
The location of the communication with other users. You can talk between users that participate in the community by posting a new topic or a comment.
You can make a site dedicated to you or a group. For example, team members can create the football team's Web site together. If you have your own projects, you can create a project site within your site. For example, you can create the introduction site of the book that you handled within your site.
Idea Room
You can expose your ideas and you can brush up the idea by all the participants. Idea Room will be able to have become a community format, participants brainstormed ideas of their own, will be discussed. It is also published in Idea Mall, ideas that have been published, makes it easier to stick the public eye more.
Like other SNS, you can become friends with others. When become friends, the activities of your friends will be listed in your site. In addition, you can invite only your friends to communities and projects that you own.
Featured People
You can register other users as favorite people. When you register other users as favorite people, their activities will be listed in your site.
You can be published your public albums of your Picasa Web Albums on the hitois.
My YouTube
You can publish your YouTube video, favorites, playlists.
Musicians, books, Web sites ,movies and so on, you can register a variety of favorites.
Not only your own post, you can also give a translation of the other users post. If you find a person who writes an interesting article, In order to make people around the world get to read it, let translate into another language. A link to your site remains in the history of translation in the site.
More Information -> Translation
Crowdsourcing Profile
If you're using crowdsourcing, You can introduce your skills.
More Information -> Crowdsourcing Profile
You can be displayed on your web site or blog, information such as the profile that has been registered in hitois. Method is simple, log in to hitois, get the code for the API, just paste it into your site.
More Information -> API
SNS cooperation
By the simple settings, you can notify that you posted in hitois to your timeline of Twitter, and the wall of your Facebook. Just post to hitois, you are able to post an article at the same time to SNS these two.