"kinois" is a unit to which Wayo who is a graphic designer, and Satorun who is a Web engineer work taking advantage of each area of strength.

We aim at creating a worthy work and service by carring out creative work (or development) with being always conscious of a design and technology. Moreover, we aim at the unit which can practice positively activity which was conscious of philanthropy, such as environmental protection, while planning the global deployment which utilized the Internet.



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project thumbnail I want to add advertisement bidding function to hitois
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project thumbnail I want to make a self-governing association online service
project thumbnail I would like to make a Grand Ping facility with fishing concept
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Consider domain power!

2018-11-27 07:32:04 UTC
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When I search on Google by my name, VALU comes to the higher level, but there was a question that humanis does not come to the top at all, so I will ...