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About hitois

hitois wants to give a tremendously great power to capable individuals.

In our society, no matter how well we have the ability, we can not fully demonstrate our abilities because of organizational ties, money barriers, borders, and various barriers.

For example, there is a person who can make a wonderful work impossible to imagine, and there is a work that I would like to finish and it is necessary to go to the South Pole for that reason, "I will go to Antarctica for a moment" Let me say that it is like leaving to the South Pole.

There is no boss like "What do you do for work!" If you do not have to worry about "doing money!", You can do it again if you think about it, that such freedom exists in a person with ability, when you become an interesting world I think.

Is it boring in Antarctica?
So like "I want to see the earth from outer space in order to draw this manga, I'm going for a moment."

Such an amazing thing can be made by individual ability.

Perhaps money is the most necessary for that, but you earn easily with such overflowing abilities. So, I can go to space without any barriers. I want to do such an era.

By using hitois, individuals have such power.
No, I would like to have an era in which we can use as many worthy capabilities as it is originally.

I think that I can do it.

Written by Satoru Nakamura

Self Portal Site Builder (SPSB)

Self Portal Site Builer

hitois is not SNS. It is "Self Portal Site Builder (SPSB)" which can create your own portal site.

You can build a site that posts your own various information in your subdomain. Your site is not just your information posted, it also serves as the gateway to other sites and services, it is exactly the portal site.

The self portal site builder is a completely new service that has never existed before. There is no such service besides hitois.

Participating in hitois is to use a completely new web service. Please experience SPSB which is not elsewhere.

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Various functions of hitois


Name or nickname, profile image, such as personality and hobbies, it will be able to fine registration. Not indispensable, you can so as not to register even if the name is what you do not want to expose.Click here for details.


This is a service that allows you to post the music you had composed. People from all over the world can listen to posted songs in the streaming playback. Of course you can get reviews.Click here for details.


This is a service to advertise your own smartphone app. You can listing introductions, post its captures, regist sale URL and so on. You can also get a review from other user.Click here for details.


This is a service to promote your book. You can post such as synopsis and sale URL. You can also get a review from readers.Click here for details.

Short Stories

This is a service that allows you to post a short story. You can publish novels within 1000 characters. You can also get a review from readers.Click here for details.

Idea Mall

It is a service that you post ideas that you came up with, and brush up the idea by getting the opinion from other users. And achieve the refined idea and let's be famous you.Click here for details.


This is a communication function. You can make communities on your own, or you can also participate in other community that other user has made. Please appeal to you in the community.Click here for details.


It is a service that allows you to create a Web page like wiki. You can create personal pages, and shared pages with other users. Because make in planning your own, it was named Project.Click here for details.


You can create groups with multiple users. You can create Web pages in your group. In addition, blog update information of members will be posted to the group top page.Click here for details.

News Board

You can have a personal bulletin board. It is easy to post, bulletin board will be created if post a title and article. Of course you can get comments to the bulletin board.Click here for details.

Fan Letter

You can send a fan letter to the user without logging in. Published by the user who received a fan letter to reply, you can take the communication.Click here for details.


You can post a translated to a different article. Translations can be to anyone posting, you can re-delivery your favorite articles like retweet.Click here for details.


You can also use blog as a single function. Use is simple, if you post a title and body of the article, a blog is created. Category setting can also be simple, making it easy to use.Click here for details.

Recent State

You can tweet easily recent state from any page of your site. There is no character limit. You can also get comments to the recent state.Click here for details.

Web Site

If you have Web sites and Blogs in addition to hitois, it is possible to register the URL of the top page on hitois, you can introduce the site. If you are distributing the RSS feed in the Blog, hitois shows the latest articles automatically.Click here for details.


You can create an interactive biography. The recipe is easy, when you post a picture related to the years and events, events, switch the background image to fit the scrolling of the page.Click here for details.


You can create a portrait page. The recipe is very simple, You just upload photos. For those who are aiming to idle and entertainers, it is a feature of recommendations.Click here for details.


It is a service that can expose images such as illustrations or photos taken by yourself. Just upload images, you can create a beautiful gallery page.Click here for details.


You can view the album that have registered to Google's Web album to hitois page. Setup is simple, you just turn on the Album function.Click here for details.


It is a service bragging fashionable. It is a simple function that only upload the photos, such as pride of fashionable goods.Click here for details.


This is a service that you can post information, such as your favorite site and movies. You can register a variety of favorites. Favorite is easy-to-understand approach tell people your favorite.Click here for details.


As of SNS, it will be able to communicate in other users. When it comes to friends, it will be able to know quickly the post of the person.Click here for details.

My Youtube

Simply enter a simple code, you will be able to list your own playlist on hitois. You can get to know the people in the most simple way your taste.Click here for details.


Just a simple procedure, it will be able to work with Facebook and Twitter. The article that was posted on hitois will be posted to Facebook and Twitter.Click here for details.


We are delivering the latest articles posted by users.

atom feed


We deliver the Atom Feed of users submissions.


hitois Like Button

Just by pasting a single line of code on a web page, you can easily display "hitois Like button".

Click here for details.

Activities of Linked Open Data

hitois publishes information on users and works as open data in RDF. RDF can be read by a machine and can be imported into your own server, you can build your own search system and analyze data. Click here for details.

Let's use hitois more conveniently with the application

hitois follow

hitois follow

It is an application that makes it easy to follow hitois users and easily view activities in a timeline format. You can access the site of hitois with one tap from the home screen of the smartphone.
Click here for details.

hitois view

hitois view

It is an application that makes hitois browsing very easy. You can access the site of hitois with one tap from the home screen of the smartphone. With convenient home buttons, you can easily jump to the site of your favorite users.
Click here for details.

hitois edit

hitois edit

It is an application that makes it easy to post and manage articles. By accessing the management function with a one tap from the home screen of the smartphone, you can easily post articles and contents from a simple management screen. It is very easy to access the management screen with one tap.
Click here for details.


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