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profile thumbnail Satoru Nakamura

防府市 山口県 Japan

Satorun  | male  | 防府市 山口県 Japan
I am Satoru Nakamura. I just came from the work of the Web much employment. I like developing Web, has led to an extension of the hobby to make hitois. I am still immature, please do watch over the hitois.

Number of accesses last week : 651
profile thumbnail App Test

Number of accesses last week : 417
profile thumbnail 中川 俊彦 (DJ Genuine Me)


ひこたん  | male
A Part-time worker. A sound & graphic designer, musician, web DJ, photographer, painter, Japanese calligraphy writer. The owner of my own independent music label : KORMO Recordings. A member of Spirit Of Jesus Church. 仕事はパート中心。趣味は音楽制作。写真やグラフィックも得意で墨を使って書もたまに書く。自主音楽レーベル コルモレコーディングズ代表。イエス之御霊教会教団信者で、毎週土曜日、荻窪は東京イエス之御霊教会に通っています。

Number of accesses last week : 118
profile thumbnail Murataka Nakano


Mullar  | male
I am a natural born engineer but I hate to be so I found my way to music and art.

Number of accesses last week : 59
profile image azumaru10.hitois.net

Number of accesses last week : 56


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