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2012-02-08 19:48:22 UTC by Satorun

Attention to person

When you add others to attention people,  on your featured people page, their information will be displayed.
Moreover, since also appear in that person's recent activity,  even if you do not bother visiting the site of that person, you can see the recent actions.

Difference with friends, on the site of the person who has been added to the featured people, your information will not be published.

To be featured people other people that participate in the hitois, visite the site of the person, click "Attention this person" button.
To find other people that participate in the hitois, please use "search people" function.

The difference between being a friend, just click "Attention this person" button.
That the message will be sent to the opponent is not particularly, there is no need to obtain permission.

To cancel the "featured people", sign in to hitois, to display the buddy list Click the "Featured people" of your site's menu, and then click the "Release" of person of interest.



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