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2012-02-08 19:58:50 UTC by Satorun

About language

hitois are available in several languages​​.

If you select other languages ​​in the language choices on the screen, the screen will be displayed in that language.
However, the information is not registered in that language, will be displayed in the primary language.

For example, the primary language set to Japanese, if you register a profile, the screen even if you are switching to English, part profile is displayed in Japanese.
To ensure that this will be displayed in English, you need to register the translation information.

Each input item of hitois, the function "translate" is always present.
Translation if people are participating in the hitois, can be registered by anyone.
For example, to your profile, others can register a translation.

If there is a translation of English to profile, and to display the screen in English, profile will be displayed in English.

You can also change main language by the "Settings" function.
When you sign in to hitois, link "Settings" to your site will be displayed. The setting screen appears when you click, you can change the main language.

For example, if you set English as main language, your input information is taken as English.
If you switch the screen to other languages ​​if a translation for that language does not exist, the registration information in English is the main language will be displayed.



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