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2012-02-06 19:14:25 UTC by Satorun


Project is a Wiki feature can create your own sites.

There are two types of projects, and used according to the purpose.

First type is a personal project of your own.
Since your own, it will be created under your domain.
Because even under your own domain, you can without having to worry about others that have been taken to decide URL freely.
Project of their own, so be created in your site, will be displayed along with your own menus.
Is that that will be part of your site.

Second type is a collaborative project.
You can create a team site, or create a site with an unspecified number of people.
URL domain will be www.hitois.net, if others are using the URL already, you can not use the URL.
It is made out of your site. So it does not have your menu.It will be independent sites.

Please select the "joint project" if you want to create a website, such as an independent team, the "personal project" if you want to create a website as part of your site. It should be noted that switching the "joint project" and "personal project" even after the project creation is possible.



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