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2013-04-06 21:52:27 UTC by Satorun

Post a short story

"Short story" is ability to post a short story of 1000 characters.
Novel you post is now in a state where anyone can read the public.

Writing is simple, You can write in a sense like writing an email.
You can select public, non-public, and leave in the unpublished in the middle of writing, and of exposing Once you have completed.

Because there is the review function to short story, it is also possible to have the reviews to the one that had you read.
In addition, as well as other functions, so also has the ability to post translation, writing in multiple languages ​​is also available.
Of course it is also possible to get post translated into other people.

In order to post a short story, log in to hitois, click on the menu item "short story", and then click the "+Add a story".
After that, I just enter the title and body. Cover is not required.



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