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2014-04-11 20:27:20 UTC by Satorun

Idea Room

Idea room is a place to brush up your idea by posting your ideas, be published and got an opinion on a lot of people. To be able to post comments or topics to other people ideas, you will have to participate in the idea.

By participating in the idea, you can post your opinion in the form of a topic in the idea. You can post multiple topics to one idea, and can post multiple  comments on each topic.

If a topic has been posted for some ideas, you can continue to comment that topic until the problem is solved. Try to summarize when the topic resolved. By going to resolve one by one topic, ideas are being brushed up more and more.

In order to post a topic, click the "Please log in to post a topic.". If you are already logged in, this link is not displayed, the form of posting topic is displayed.

Enter the topic title and body, please click the "Save" button. You can attach YouTube videos and image. Please enter them as necessary.

In addition, there is a related article, if you want to introduce it, please enter the URL of the article to the link item. When you press the "Add" button, some images those came with the article, and the title of the article automatically will be taken. You can click the arrow buttons to specify whether you want to display to the topic which image If you have more than one image. Please delete if you do not want to display the image.

In order to post a comment, click the "Please log in to post a comment.". If you are already logged in, this link is not displayed, the form of posting comment is displayed. Enter a comment, please click the "Post" button.

Topics and comments those you posted can be performed correction and deletion afterwards.  Please note that when you delete a topic that comment is attached, also comments are deleted.



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