It is a site to introduce projects that are registered in the hitois. Wiki in a format that can be posted in any article, the project can also alone, to participate in more than one person. Locate the project you are interested in here, please feel encouraged to participate.
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project thumbnail I'd like to make "fancy comic strip" popular!
Category : Celebrity
A genuine cousin comic of the past and an original script I wrote are shed in the words written by Koishi on Twitter 'Twitter' with Itoji Koiji Tsui ' Followers and retweets I will increase the number of people asking me to let "asiji koishi" know as many people as possible. Because comic strip comic is a certain thing, I believe that if there are more people who sup...
project thumbnail IT Iroha
Category : Computer
Even if you say smartphones unconditionally, there are iPhones and Android smartphones, even though they are tablets, there are iPads and Android tablets, even Macs and Windows say they are PCs. Even if you are using a smartphone or tablet from everyday, you probably do not understand well even if you intend to know it. How to connect Wi-Fi, how to use tethering, browse the homepage, search on Goo...
project thumbnail I want to add advertisement bidding function to hitois
Category : Internet
Individuals and businesses will be able to easily make paid advertisement posting requests to hitois users who like it. hitois Establish advertisement recruitment function on user's portal site. When applying for advertisements, individuals and companies will create advertisements that they would like to post on the bulletin board of hitois users, decide the amount and apply. The advertisement pos...
project thumbnail Event planning / announcement service at hitois
Category : Internet
hitois Users will draft new events, invite other users to meet and plan online. hitois users gather to plan one event and announce it on hitois Events. Events are released from the planning stage at hitois Events, and you can introduce organizers etc. Of course the members are hitois users. It is already the same service as "group" and "project" in hitois, but I would like to think about design, n...
project thumbnail I want to make a self-governing association online service
Category : Community
I would like to build a regional online service so that everyone living in that area can access, communicate, and PR. I would like to divide the PR site and the community site by subdomain so that only community people can access the community site. In addition, we want to make it easy for young and old to use it, especially want children in the area to be able to use the Internet safely and healt...


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