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It is effective to achieve my personal goal of "eat alone with a comic artist" that it is a way to "let the young people of recent times know about comic strips of Yumejirou and delicious taste" I am thinking. It is a comic strip comic, the story line and punch line are solid comic strips, but if such a comic popular again popular, the possibility of eating alone with a comic artist rises with gun.
A genuine cousin comic of the past and an original script I wrote are shed in the words written by Koishi on Twitter 'Twitter' with Itoji Koiji Tsui ' Followers and retweets I will increase the number of people asking me to let "asiji koishi" know as many people as possible. Because comic strip comic is a certain thing, I believe that if there are more people who support me, it will increase swells little by little. Thank you for following me if you have any cooperation. Please let me know if you have any other ideas to make the "popular comic strip" popular.

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