Terms of Service

1 Introduction

  1. These Terms("Terms") shall apply to any act of a user when using the services provided by kinois on this site.
  2. Terms will determine the terms and conditions of the Service. The user shall use the Service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The user will be deemed acceptance of all contents stated in the Terms by using this service.

2 Definition

Meaning of terms used in this Agreement will be as set forth in the following items.

  1. This site: Means all web sites operated by kinois.
  2. These services: Means all services provided on this site.
  3. User: Means a person who use this site.
  4. Registration information: Means informations that can be posted by these services, such as profile, board, projects, comments, images and so on.
  5. Posts: Means act of uploading registration information on this site.
  6. Translate: Means act of translating existing registration information into other language by using by these services. And means strings after translation.
  7. Google Account: Means the Google Account to use these services.
  8. Account: Means the account on these services attached to a Google account.

3 Scope of Terms

  1. This site has been set forth the terms of these services, due to these Terms and any other terms. Such other terms shall constitute a part of this Agreement, regardless of the name.
  2. Different rules and other terms, such as the provision of these Terms, shall be applied in preference to other terms such as provisions.

4 Modifying Terms

  1. Kinois can be changed at anytime for any reason in these Terms by kinois discretion.
  2. The modified Terms, unless otherwise specified reason by kinois, shall take effect from the time displayed on this Site.
  3. If the user use these services after the change has taken effect of this Terms is deemed to agree to all Terms listed after the change.

5 Personal Information

  1. Personal information registered with the profile of this site, regardless of the intent of the user, all will be published on this site. If you do not want publish your personal information, you must do not register personal information.
  2. Personal information registered with the profile of this site is intended to be used only published on this site. Can not be used for any other purpose.

6 Membership

  1. Those who wish to use these services, you accept the terms on the Terms, and shall perform the application for membership by prescribed manner of kinois.
  2. A person who has an application for admission ("Membership Application") will be the user at the time kinois agreed to apply for admission.
  3. Kinois may send notices of new services, contact office operational services, and other informations for a user.

7 Refusal of application for admission

Kinois, if you fall under any of the following items are at the discretion of kinois, may not accept the applicant's membership application form.

  1. If Membership Application has not made application for membership In accordance with Paragraph 1 of the preceding method.
  2. If Membership Application has a forced withdrawal punished by violating the Terms or other terms like this in the past.
  3. In addition, if kinois was deemed inappropriate.

8 Withdrawal

  1. If you wish to unsubscribe a user, the user must request the withdrawal to kinois by prescribed manner of kinois.
  2. If the user carried out acts listed in either of the following items, kinois may refuse the use of these services by kinois discretion.
    1. Made clear that if an application for admission without regard to method of Paragraph 1 of Article 6.
    2. Any violation of these Terms or other Terms
    3. In addition, if kinois was deemed inappropriate.

9 E-mail address and password management

These servicee are available with a Google Account. E-mail address and password management for a Google account, please follow the terms of Google.

10 Holding account

  1. The user shall hold one account per person. You can not hold more than one account and the account can not be held jointly with multiple people. However, unless approved by the kinois.
  2. In any case the user can not transfer or lend account to any third party.

11 Use development environment

  1. Users to use the Service, any necessary equipment, software, communications infrastructure, at your own risk and expense, and shall develop properly.
  2. The user, at his own expense, shall carry out security measures to prevent the spread of computer viruses, unauthorized access and prevent information leakage, etc.
  3. Kinois is not involved in any use of the user environment. Also assumes no responsibility.

12 User's responsibility

  1. The user shall use these services at your own responsibility, be responsible for any results of any actions.
  2. Responsibility for registration information submitted by a user using these services, located in yourself. For the content of Registration information posted by the user using this service, kinois shall not be liable.
  3. If user have defamed others, or violate the privacy rights of others, or disclose personal information about third parties without permission, or committed an act in violation of copyright law, or violate the rights of others, such users must be resolved in their own responsibility and cost, kinois bear no responsibility.
  4. The user must recognize that there is no obligation to store registration information submitted by a user using this service in the kinois. Required registration information shall be backed up by the user.

13 Prohibitions

The user, when using these services, must not perform the following acts. If you violate the prohibition, kinois is against you, you may take measures such as forced withdrawal and suspension of use.

  1. Acts of infringing the copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights of kinois or others, or acts that may infringe them.
  2. Acts of infringing the property, privacy or portrait right of kinois or others, or acts that may infringe them.
  3. Acts of unduly discriminating or slandering kinois or others, or acts of contributing to unfair discrimination to others, or acts of damaging the honor or trust.
  4. Acts of claiming the name of other person, or acts of pretending you have some right of representation and agency inspite of you do not have them, or acts of using these services pretending to be in partnership with another person or organization.
  5. Linked to criminal acts like fraud, abuse of controlled drugs, child prostitution, illegal trade of mobile phones and other savings accounts, or criminal act that may lead to them.
  6. For obscene, registration information corresponding to child pornography or child abuse (hereafter in this issue of "such information") , doing any of the following acts.
    1. Acts of posting or displaying such information.
    2. Acts of selling media recorded such information.
    3. Acts of posting or displaying advertisement that evoke the transmission, displaying, selling such information.
  7. Acts of using these services for intercourse, indecent acts and other purposes.
  8. Acts of using these services for sexual encounter as you do not know.
  9. Acts of attracting or encouraging runaway youth.
  10. Acts of making illegal gambling and betting, or acts of invitation to participate in them.
  11. Acts of contracting or mediating or attracting to illegal activities (such as the transfer of handguns, explosives manufacture, offer child pornography, counterfeiting official documents, murder, intimidation, etc.)
  12. Acts of inducing or inviting another person to commit suicide.
  13. Acts of posting or displaying information listed below.
    1. Information taken the scene with killing people or inflicting injury to people.
    2. Information taken the corpse.
    3. Other information taken cruelty.
  14. About information listed below, acts of posting it to post on this site where possible, or acts of sending messages to other users.
    1. Content information to solicit others such as lecture infinite chain (pyramid), chain letters, MLM, Paid to Read Email.
    2. Information, including account numbers and other financial institutions.
    3. Adult sites, sites one-click fraud, such as sites that are intended to disseminate harmful computer programs such as viruses, the information is directed to sites deemed inappropriate kinois (including acts simply linking and displaying the URL).
    4. Grotesque images, etc., I determined that the information likely to feel uncomfortable by other users.
    5. Other information that kinois considered inappropriate.
  15. Acts of posting third party's contact that is personally identifiable such as address, phone number, email address to this site.
  16. For other users, acts of sending messages indiscriminately, or sending friend requests indiscriminately, or inviting communities indiscriminately.
  17. Acts of making spams listed below.
    1. Spam Post and Spam Message: Acts that one or more users, where you can post on this site, post the text of the same or similar, or send messages.
    2. Spam Word: Acts that one or more users, where you can post on this site, repeatedly enumerate words and phrases with thin irrelevance to a part concerned or relativity, or post remarkably long sentences or a large amount of words and phrases.
    3. Spam URL: Acts that one or more users, where you can post on this site, post same URLs, or send messages.
    4. Other acts that kinois deems spam.
  18. For registration information of other users, acts of giving the translation of intentional wrong. Acts of modifying an existing translation to the content that intentionally mistakes or delete an existing translation.
  19. Acts of saving in the text an existing translation as it is almost as if they were translated to publish the link in the translation history.
  20. Act of one person holding multiple accounts, or act of helding account jointly by more than one person
  21. Acts of rewriting or deleting the information stored on kinois equipment.
  22. Acts such as sending or posting harmful computer programs such as viruses.
  23. Acts of putting a strain in kinois or others' servers, or, Acts of giving obstacle to management and network system for these services, or acts with these fears.
  24. Acts of pasting link to promote the act knowing the acts correspond to either of each title the former.
  25. Acts that kinois judge that violates law, public order and morals or these terms or other terms, or others' rights.
  26. In addition, if kinois was deemed inappropriate.

14 Changes in the service

Kinois can add, change, break, and end these services by an always arbitrary reason by the convenience of kinois.

15 Service Fee

To regist and use these services is free.

16 Registration Information Rights

The user who posts registration information by using these services assumes the one to guarantee that registration information concerned doesn't violate the third-party right for kinois. When some disputes are generated among third parties by any chance, it straightens out that problem in user's concerned cost and responsibility, and it is assumed the one that kinois is not disadvantaged like any troubles.

17 License Registration Information

  1. The right of the registration information posted by using this service (rights of the copyright and the writer personal right, etc. in the surrounding) belongs to the user who created it.
  2. Within smooth construction of the offer and kinois system of these services and the ranges necessary for the improvement and maintenance, kinois is possible to use it is the registration information that the user posts.
  3. When registration information is used in the shape that kinois provides in the preceding clause, it is assumed the one that part or the name display of information can be omitted.

18 Disclaimer

  1. Kinois doesn't take part in the user's communication and activity. Even if there is a dispute between users of the event, shall be settled between the user, kinois is not responsible for it.
  2. Kinois, for any damage caused by the addition and changing of the contents of these services, breaking and ending of these services, shall not be liable. Excessive access, and even if there is a slowdown or failure as shown in other unexpected factors.
  3. Kinois has no obligation to monitor and save the registration information submitted by the user.
  4. Kinois is not responsible for the legality, morality, reliability and strictness of the registration information submitted by the user. Registration information submitted by the user, to comply with the rules and regulations for internal corporate and other organizations they belong to the user, kinois is not responsible.
  5. Kinois may do the user's compulsion secession disposal or use suspended disposal, but in such a case, kinois is not responsible for any damage caused.

19 Effectiveness of these terms and other terms

  1. Also be considered invalid based on the provision of such laws and regulations and other terms of this Agreement, such other provisions of these terms and other terms are valid.
  2. If any provision of such terms, even if it is void or cancellation with respect to the user, terms etc. are assumed to be effective in the relation to other users.

20 Acts to address violations of these Terms or other Terms

  1. Please inform from the report form of the violation of Terms when you discover the act of violating these terms or other terms, etc.
  2. If user deemed in violation of these terms or other terms, or if deemed necessary by kinois, kinois takes the following actions may be relevant to the user.
    1. To request to stop such acts in violation of these Terms or other terms, or to request to stop to repeat the same behavior.
    2. To seek voluntary correction and deletion of registration information.
    3. To remove all or part of the registration information that others can not view that state.
    4. To do the compulsion secession disposal.
    5. Not to approve the admission application of the admission applicant.
  3. Users can not challenge about deal kinois has done to such acts in violation of these terms or other terms based on the provisions of Article 7, Article 8 paragraph 2, Article13 and this article paragraph 2.

21 Governing Law and Jurisdiction

  1. Laws of these Terms, the law of Japan.
  2. If you need a lawsuit between the user and kinois, the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of first instance is the Yamaguchi District Court.

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